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Today my oldest daughter turns 16. The celebrations began last night and will continue through the week. I must admit that I am not as nostalgic as I thought I’d be.  I love memories and especially looking at old pictures and remembering how good our lives have been. God has truley blessed my family with an abundance of laughter and love.

However, I find myself looking more forward than back. These 16 years have gone by quickly. That makes me wonder how much faster the next 16 years will fly by.  I’ve dedicated my life to equipping others to live a kingdom life.  I pray I’m giving her the best of what I’ve got and all that I know. 

I am so blessed by who my daughter has become.  She is a young woman of character.   She chooses her friends wisely and is committed to living a Kingdom life.     My husband and I would have loved to present her with a new BMWX3, but instead we woke her up this morning with a pancake complete with birthday candle and joined her two sisters in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday! I have no doubt that “the things”  will be added.  In the meantime, I am so thankful for the who she is.  I’m looking foward to the next 16 and the 16 after that.

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