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New Identity

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I once saw a guy wearing a shirt with “You Don’t Know Me” printed on the front. The back of the shirt jokingly indicated it was from the U.S. Witness Protection Program.

This reminded me of Romans 7 which says that because we died with Christ, any legal claims against us are now powerless. Because we were all sinners, we were all indebted to the law. We all had legal claims against us. Our old lives were like a bad marriage. There we were, linked to our guilt like the proverbial ball and chain, and the only way out was death.

Thank God Jesus died for us and set us free—free to be joined to Another. As NEW covenant believers, we have no obligation to the law. Having entered into Christ’s witness protection program, we need only follow the “promptings of the Spirit in NEWness of life.” (Romans 7:6)

Consequently, our holiness does not derive from regulation but from relationship. When guilt asks us, “Hey, aren’t you the one who committed that sin?” We can boldly say, “You don’t know me.” The best part about this NEW covenant is that it can never be broken, because neither party will ever die.

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