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3 Things To Do Fresh Off A Failure

I recently failed at something.  Seriously, I failed big time!  It was a swing and a miss! And although I know about the value of failure, I still didn’t like it. This time, however, I did three things different then the last, and found a fresh start.

Reflect– “If at first you don’t succeed, try try… No, wait! If at first you don’t’ succeed, take a minute and reflect.  Review what happened. Note the internal and external factors.  Most importantly, be honest with yourself.

Refresh-Take a mental and physical break from your project. Get quiet. Rest your mind.  Do something enjoyable.  Spend time with God.

Research-My coach, Anna McCoy, recently gave me this advice.  “When God gives you an assignment, ask Him who has done this before? God may have released a model to someone before you. Discover it, and you will make time your slave.”

You may need to develop some applications. Others you can simply download through relationships, books or a podcast.

As believers, we don’t live our lives by trial and error. We have access to the wisdom of God.  If you think you’ve failed at something, it means that you’re not done yet.  Keep learning it’s a key to winning all the time.

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