50 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Miss INSPIRE, Mentoring Moments, the 1 min blog

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Still wondering if Inspire Indiana is for you? Here’s 50 Reasons that you can’t afford to miss it!

1. Find out who u ARE
2. Know when to dream out loud
3. Know how to dream out loud
4. Get fresh ideas
5. Toss out stale ideas
6. Meet the region’s most exciting innovators
7. Learn how to be one of the region’s most exciting innovators
8. Know who to delete from your contact list
9. Discover your personal brand
10. Know what you’re known for
11. Learn how to keep the right friends
12. Wake up and dream!
13. Discover which relationships are feeding you or depleting you
14. Discover how your Facebook friends say about you
15. Learn how to be known for the right things
16. Speed mentoring
17. Get honest answers for your goals
18. Find out where to start
19. Make dream-building connections
20. Learn how to expect more
21. Your world needs you NOW
22. God has a dream for you
23. Jump start your imagination
24. Learn to do something different
25. Discover your unlimited potential
26. Increase your idea capacity
27. Optimize your energy
28. Discover the next wave
29. Recognize your dream inhibitors
30. Tune up your creativity
31. Recalibrate your boundaries
32. Learn the language of innovators
33. It’s time to elevate your perspective
34. You can’t drive with a flat tire?
35. Move from feeling good to doing better
36. Kill your fears about success
37. Continued learning means continued success
38. You’re not crazy, you’re a creator
39. Plug into God’s energy for your life
40. You are who the world is waiting for
41. God has promised an open Heaven
42. Discover a safe place to dream
43. Ignite your passion
44. Get solid advice from experts
45. Submit your book proposal
46. Prepare for where God is taking you
47. Sharpen your Kingdom perspective
48. It’s a Safe Zone for dreamers
49. Because you want your dream to last
50. To get a breath of fresh air

Success and Progress!


Watch this brief preview of the Fitness Specialist who will be feature at the Dream Expo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HSl8X5Oxcg

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