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I’m at my desk after overseeing a funeral service for one of our beloved ushers. He was well over 75 but I wasn’t ready for him to leave. Not ready at all. This man was an amazing servant on our team. I was so blessed to serve God and God’s people beside him.

To say the least, Mr. Harris was known for creating and maintaining order. If you were touchy or sensitive, he may have put you off at first glance. But Mr. Harris was a soldier. Those who took his demeanor personally would just as well have been offended at Britain’s Royal Guard.

Today, I listened as friends from his neighborhood spoke about his habit of walking the block. He would greet all of his neighbors and actually knew their names. Over 15 young men attended his service today. “Mr. Harris was always trying to get us here(church)” one said, “Well, you succeeded, here we are.”

Relatives and friends who felt like relatives talked about his love for them. “when I think of uncle Ralph, all I can say is LOVE. I knew I was loved.”

I was most moved by his co-laborers, our usher team. They paid tribute and honor with style and excellence today, white gloves included. I stood on the platform struggling to keep my composure as a seemingly endless line of uniformed servants marched by in silent reverence for their friend and brother.

Mr. Harris was not the head usher, nor did he hold any particular leadership title. But, as I sit here eating my mama’s cornbread dressing brought up from the repast, I have this realization.

There is a mindset of those of who understand true leadership. It’s not about how many people follow you, true leadership is about how many people you inspire to be leaders themselves.

Enjoy Your Reward Mr. Ralph Harris. We’ll take it from here.

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