Hi, I’m Pam Ross, author, mentor and life-long student of personal and organizational leadership.

As president and lead trainer of Kingdom Leadership Development, Inc., I’ve had the opportunity to train, teach and consult in Christian and corporate arenas around the U.S. and internationally. I love team building, communication and honor!  In 2017 I joined the team at All Nations Worship Assembly Global Headquarters. ANWA is a vibrant, growing church with 20 campuses founded and lead by Apostles Matthew and Kamilah Stevenson. I’m thrilled to be the executive director of leadership and culture.

I’m the author of Serving, Leading, and Loving, a survival guide for Kingdom leaders, The Serving, Leading and Loving personal development guide,  The Force of JOY, building an unstoppable you, and 30 Days of Joyful Meditation. Find them all on Amazon.

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