After the Big Week-end, Give churches a second chance.

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It’s the biggest week-end of the year for churches around the world. Our largest crowds are expected. Also the largest amount of visitors. If someone is considering your church, this is the time they are most likely to show up to check you out.
Ironically, this is also the time they are most likely to encounter long lines , limited seating and traffic jams.  It’s a cruel irony to say the least, so my request is to give every church a second chance. 

At Family Christian Center, thousands of volunteer leaders worked extremely hard to give each guest a best impression.  They drove vans to and from off-site parking, they opened doors, and cleaned bathrooms.  I am positive they were successful in wowing the over 22,000 people who visited our campus over the Easter week-end. 

But if you really want to get to know us.  Stop by in about to weeks.  We’ll be much more relaxed and can take our time and show you around. On “normal” week-end services we offer tours of our campus complete with starbucks coffee and home-baked cookies.  So y’all come back now, ya hear?

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