Making Power Moves 2: Six Keys to Powerful Collaboration

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Simply put, collaborating is working together, either project-based or for a lifetime. The important thing it both parties work and both parties benefit.

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Two are better than one because they have a better reward for their labor. Ecclesiastes 4:9

There is a reward for labor. However, collaboration brings a better reward. The right collaboration will decrease your labor or multiply your results.  If it doesn’t do at least one of those, it’s not worth the effort of getting coordinated.

Below are 6 keys to powerful collaborations.  But before we get to those, here is some wisdom for potential collaborators.

 Some competitors make good partners!

When Exxon Oil merged with Mobil Oil they changed from competitors to a near monopoly. The $81 agreement has proven to be one of the most successful corporate mergers in U.S. history.

Don’t sell yourself short, you don’t always need help.

In 2006 Yahoo offered to buy a young and growing Facebook, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a hard pass.  He launched Facebook’s newsfeed and the rest is history. Today Facebook is worth over $84 Billion dollars.

Beware of Gibonites   

As Joshua was making progress taking possession of the territory God had promised, he came across some men claiming to be ambassadors from a far country.  These men turned out to be inhabitants of some of the land Joshua was instructed to take! Do your research and check motives.  (Read Joshua 9)

Here are your 6 Keys to a Powerful Collaboration.

  1. Mutual vision –You see the same BIG Picture and see yourselves in the big picture.
  2. Shared values- Vison tells you what to do, values tell you how to do it.
  3. Needs are met- Each collaborator adds value.
  4. Submit to the other’s expertise-Somebody should be the rapper, somebody should be DJ.
  5. Mutual promotion- Uncomfortable bragging about yourself? Get a partner you can brag on.
  6. Shared the Rewards – if only one of you is rewarded, the other is a slave.

Success and Progress!


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