Concerned or Complaining?

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Exodus 17:3 (MSG)
But the people were thirsty for water there. They complained to Moses, “Why did you take us from Egypt and drag us out here with our children and animals to die of thirst?”

Who can blame them? Have you ever been thirsty? I’m talking about If-I-don’t-get-water-I’m-gonna-die thirsty! That’s what the Israelites experienced in the wilderness. Who wouldn’t be concerned about that?

God was leading Israel from stage to stage through the Wilderness of Sin. On their way they experienced an urgent and vital need. Here’s good news! God understands your concerns. He is not unkind, or unaware of what we need to fulfill His plan for our lives.

When you have a need, it’s good to talk to God about it and receive His provision. But meditate on your concerns long enough and they’ll become complaints, and complaining breeds hopelessness. Israel had already imagined themselves shriveled up and dead!

As you follow God’s leading, needs may arise. Don’t make the same mistakes Israel did. Know that God is with you and will provide what you need just when you need it.

Success and Progress!

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