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And when He saw them, He said to them, Go [at once] and show yourselves to the priests. Luke 17:14 (AMP)

“Did I miss something here?” Jesus’ encounter with ten lepers is a remarkable story of faith and healing. But at first glance, it appears Jesus has forgotten the Jewish laws concerning leprosy. Leviticus 14:2 (AMP) “Go show yourselves to the priest” should have been what Jesus told these men after they were healed, not before. After all, that’s how He did it in Matthew 8.

More than a few believers would have answered the Lord’s command with “Yes Lord! I’ll go right after you heal me!” But these men obeyed the Lord’s WORD without a single bit of physical evidence to back it up.

The truth is they were healed as soon they received God’s instructions. Their obedience simply caused the healing to be made manifest. Has God told you to take step two and you’re still waiting for Him to miraculously perform step one? Then be on your way. And concerning step one, consider it done!

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