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I recently started a garden and if you know anything about gardening, you know that your soil must be prepared before planting any kind of seed. One of my favorite gardening tools is called “The Cultivator”. The Cultivator turns the soil over and mixes in the fertilizer. Doing this improves the quality of the soil which leads to larger and healthier vegetables. According to cultivate means to prepare and work on, to promote or improve growth or to develop improve by education or training. When God wants to do a new thing in our lives He will begin to cultivate us. You will see him weed out things we no longer need, fertilizer us with wisdom and knowledge, plant gifts inside of us and water us with His word. We see an example of this through the life of Joseph. Joseph’s journey was one filled with planting and uprooting as God prepared him to take the second highest position in Egypt. My encouragement to you in this season is to partner with The Holy Spirit as He cultivates you for your next level!

Success and progress!

Eliane Treadwell

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