Meet the Culturalist

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Meet the Culturalist!

Nouncul·​tur·​al·​ist |  \ -ch(ə)rələ̇st\

1one that emphasizes the importance of culture in determining behavior

2a specialist in the study of culture specifically  a cultural anthropologist

I have a new job!  YES! I’m still at home at ANWA Global Headquarters in Chicago. I’m still developing leaders. But my view has expanded.

I am now “Executive Director of Leadership and Culture,”AKA, The Culturalist.

My job, in a nutshell:  to create a culture that generates and develop leaders who carry the vision of my church and it’s growing collective.

Culture is the assembly line that produces the type of leaders your organization wants and needs. 

It is the soil that nourishes their growth.  At the same time, leaders determine the culture of an organization.  In the Old Testament, when the kings of Israel followed God, the people did too. Likewise, when their kings turned from God, the people did evil.

Because Culture creates leaders and Leaders create Culture

3 Cultural Indicators: 

Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing insight that I hope will help you Lead better and Follow better in your world.  Until then, here’s a little homework.  Take a fresh look at your organization, family, team or church and take note of these three cultural indicators.

  1. How we treat each other: Jesus said,“They will know you are my followers by your love for each other.” (John 13:35) Personal interactions will reveal your authentic culture. If what you give them is not how you treat each other, it’s a performance.
  2. What we say about our audience: whether you are engaging customers, members, listeners or viewers, how you feel about them is reflected in everything you do and say. How do you communicate the following?
    • “We are ready for you.”-Hospitality is one of the most powerful tools in business.
    • “We respect you.”-To quote the Queen of Soul, “I’m about to give you all my money and all I’m asking in return honey…” (Aretha Franklin)
    • “We value you.”-value is found is replaceability. Replaceability is found in individuality.
  3. How influence is gained: Who has the “juice” in your organization? Look beyond your highest-ranking officer. Who do others naturally follow? This person is the “poster child” for your current culture.

Success and Progress,

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