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I’m witty. Not bragging, I just am. Most times my sense of humor works in my favor. After all, laughter does us good like a medicine. But every now and then, my sharp wit can result in a sharp tongue, followed by a humble apology. Recently I had a perfect opportunity to say the wrong thing, and the Lord rescued me.

I was insulted, publically, verbally, by someone, (dare I say this?), with far less stripes than I. I stood there partially in shock, waiting for the bullet to be formed in my mind and roll into the chamber of my mouth so that I could fire a kill shot. But you know what came to me? Nothing.

What should have been a confrontation turned into a teaching moment. Later when I asked the Lord what happened? He simply said “Great peace have they which love my law: and nothing shall offend them.”

This week, like every other week, you will have opportunity to be offended. Don’t take it. That is all.

Success and Progress!


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