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“So Judah gathered together to ask help from the Lord.” 

2 Chronicles 20:4

When I read 2 Chronicles 20 I think of the “Big Playground Bullies,” the ones who pushed me off the swing or cut the line at the big slide. No one was safe from “Big Bully”, that is until big brother, or big sister showed up and saved the day!

No matter how old we get there’s always a “Big Bully” to make us fearful. They come in the form of a mid-term examine or a driver’s license test. It could be sickness, a boss or co-worker , perhaps even trouble in relationships.

But like just like Israel, if we would “set ourselves to seek the Lord” our Heavenly Father will come and remind us- nothing is able to withstand Him. That the battle is not ours – It is the Lord’s. (2 Chrl 20:6, 15)


The Lord gave Israel a strategy to March forth in victory. Today, we have access to the One true source of power. Seek the Lord and Be FEARLESS as you March Forth!

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Sharon Wess

SharonWessSharon Wess is a culinary chef, bible study teacher, lover of hospitality and an Elder in her church.


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