H.A.L.T. in the name of Love.

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A few years ago, my friend Sandra gave me the wisdom of “H.A.L.T.” Don’t make a major decision when you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.

You might be following some of these principles already…

  1. Don’t buy groceries when you’re hungry
  2. Don’t punish your kids when you’re angry
  3. Don’t date someone just because you’re lonely
  4. Don’t spend a lot of money when you’re tired

As human beings, we experience a range of emotions in any given 24-hour period. From waking up in the morning, to rush hour traffic, co-workers, deadlines, to leisure or family time, everything has potential to trigger an emotion.  In todays’ world, we may not be able to control the triggers but, we have the power to control what bullet is released.

Being emotionally intelligent means being able to detect and understand what’s going on in you and in those around you.  Being emotionally responsible means knowing when and how to act in accordance to you emotions.  Without the wisdom of H.A.L.T. you just might:

  1. Bring home food you’ll never eat
  2. Set a monstrous example for your children
  3. Take advantage of someone for your temporary romantic or social needs
  4. Experience buyer’s remorse from purchasing something you don’t need nor really want

The next time you’re under pressure, exercise your POWER to stop or rather, HALT.  Settle your soul and give the Spirit of Wisdom an opportunity to intervene.  It’s a great way to avoid regret and preserve your joy!

Success and Progress!


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