I’m at 9!

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Years ago had a dream that I was pregnant but didn’t know how far along I was. I was in pain and told my husband, “honey this is it!” At the hospital, I had to face the disappointment of being sent back home to wait. It wasn’t it.

The doctor said I was only 5 months along. I was in such dismay, I wanted to cry. I wanted to have my baby right now. The thought of waiting 4 more months seemed like torture.  A nurse told me in a most compassionate voice, “Believe me, you want this to be 9.”

There was still a tinge of disappointment when I woke up, but along with it a knowing that God’s timing is best.

If you’re waiting on something, I encourage you to be patient. God’s plan for your life takes time. Premature babies are often very weak,  require extra-special care and many need miracles just to survive. You want what God gives you to be of full size and full of life. 

This year, someone sent me a card with only a scripture verse written in it. Let this comfort you.

“Do not think that I will bring my people to the point of birth and not allow them to be born.” Isaiah 66:9

Honey, this is it! I think I’m at 9!

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