Is Your Team Worth Fighting For? Mentoring Moments, the 1 min blog

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While most leaders (especially church leaders) will shy away from a conflict, you should be looking for ways to use it.

Conflict arises from differences, when or two or more people see things differently and express it openly. What’s good about it? It’s an indication that your team is diverse. If everyone on your team saw everything the same way you did, you’d have a hard time mining for fresh ideas. Creativity and strength are found in diversity.

Hanging Boxing GlovesThe other good thing is they’ve expressed it openly, not in the hallway after the meeting. An open expression means you, the leader have created a safe place for your team to say what they really think. Once ideas on are the table, they can be weighed and measured against the mission and values of the organization. Remember to focus on what’s right and not who’s right, because your team and its goals are always worth fighting for.

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