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“One day the blind will drive.” I must have looked at my friend and fellow staff member like she was insane. If talking, texting or eating classifies one as an impaired driver, how on earth could a blind person ever safely drive a car? Her answer involved technology I had yet to see or hear about. But it also involved the advancement of things I used everyday. In the end, I agreed with her.

This conversation has served me well when teaching leaders “kingdom thinking.” In the latter part of Matthew 5, Jesus repeatedly says “You have heard… but I say.” He boldly challenged people to think beyond what they had heard in the past. The Kingdom of God still challenges everything we think we know about money, people, love, sin and leadership to name a few.

It’s time to embrace the infinite possibilities of the Kingdom of God. You are not too old, weak, sick or broke to do and have ALL that God has planned for you. Forget what you’ve heard from the world, and listen to what the Word of God has to say. Think differently and change everything.

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