Lead Better, Follow Better through the Christmas Story

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Is there a better example of Leading and Following than the Christmas story?

  • God took the lead and had a plan for our redemption before the earth was created.
  • Mary followed the call of God to lend her body for the Messiah.
  • Joseph was led to protect Mary rather than put her way privately.
  • The shepherds followed the angels’ directions to the manger.
  • The Prophetess Anna patiently waited to see Israel’s salvation.
  • The Wise Men followed the star and brought gifts to the Newborn King

The list goes on and on. Even through His birth, Jesus taught everyone connected to His story the importance of what He would ultimately embody, leading better and following better. His leadership principles, which are hidden for us from Genesis to Revelation, were initiated and fortified by His commitment to follow God.

Thank you for subscribing to Lead better Follow better. I hope you’ve found some inspiration to
lead your life and your teams better and that you’ve found creativity and patience to follow
God and those He has placed in your life.

May this Christmas season be the brightest and best ever!

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