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Genesis 13:8 (AMP)
So Abram said to Lot, Let there be no strife, I beg of you, between you and me, or between your herdsmen and my herdsmen, for we are relatives.

I was thinking about this week’s mentoring moment and my youngest daughter chimed in, “You should write about strife. That’s what my friends need, and we know you hate strife.” She’s right. I have purposely developed an absolute hatred for strife. In trainings I tell perspective team members “I’m allergic to strife, I break out in hives and sneeze violently. I won’t be around it, not even for a moment!”

While healthy confrontation brings honest solutions to real problems, strife serves as a portal for confusion and every evil work. (James 3:16) When the spirit of strife is in effect, we forget about what’s right and focus on who’s right.

In one hand, strife issues an invitation to take up arms and defend yourself. But in the other hand, held craftily behind its back, is offense poised to sabotage your destiny. Do whatever you must to stay clear of strife. You may have to take the low road, but God will cause you to soar to new heights.

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