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This month the KLD team is setting sail on the Love B.O.A.T. The B stands for loving boldly.

What does it mean to love in a bold way?

Being bold has to do with going beyond conventional limits and usual thoughts. We see those limits in love all the time.

“I love you as long as you love me.”

“I love you as long as you do right by me.” And there’s always my favorite,

“I love you as long as you say ‘yes’ to me.”

Loving boldly is a decision. We are choosing our behavior and attitude towards the people we love. Bold love abandons the need to control anyone else but ourselves. After all, the fruit of the spirit is selfcontrol.

Loving boldly means we are free from fear. The rejections and hurts of the past do NOT serve as the compass for our future. But wisdom and compassion do.

So there you have it! Get on the Love B.O.A.T. and love boldly this week.

Success and Progress!




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