Lows and Highs of leadership pressure

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Have you ever noticed that pressure occurrs mostly in two spheres? Very high and very low. The higher you go on or over the earth the more atmospheric pressure you’ll encounter. If you’ve ever climbed a mountian you can relate to that kind of pressure.  and what traveler  hasn’t memorized the airline safetly speech?”Should the cabin loose pressure…”

The same applies for the low zones. Go deep enough in the ocean and you’ll need some special equipment. Go even deeper and there’s no equipment that will be able to withstand the pressure.

I am currently experiencing high pressure in a low zone. And I’ve decided that it’s a better thing.  Not a good thing mind you, but significantly better than the same pressure that could be encountered in a very high zone. 

Pressure up high is too easy for the world to see.  It takes a superior level of Christian maturity to be underpressure infront of the world.  So, I’m happy for the pressure in the valley. I’m confident that when I get enough sweatless victories down here in the valley, there’ll be pressure waiting for me on the mountain tops. And all the world will wonder “how does she do it?”

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