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Making Power Moves week one… Meet My Strategist

To kick off the month of making power moves, I sat down with strategist and coach, Stacey Smith. Watch the periscope here.

PR:  What is a Power Move?

SS:A power move is simply a strong action or maneuver toward a goal that will influence others or the course of events. Power moves have noticeable impact!

PR:  Why is a power move necessary for advancement?

SS:I can walk from New York to California and I will take months, or I can drive in a few days, but a power move is flying and arriving in less than 7 hours. Some opportunities are time sensitive, that’s when you need to make a power move.

PR:  It there a biblical example for a power move?

SS:  There are several biblical examples of power moves.  Jesus going to the cross was the ultimate power move!With one power move, He freed people for eternity, connected us back to God and defeated the enemy.   It changed everything forever!

PR: In the Mentoring Mandate, your coaching specialty is strategic advancement.  What is a strategy?

SS: A strategy is a well thought out plan with actionable steps to accomplish a specific goal.  Your personal strategy should incorporate some power moves. The military uses strategy all the time to determine how to defeat an enemy and win a war. The book of Proverbs is full of strategy, so is Nehemiah.

PR: How do you formulate a strategy?


  • Identify and understand the problem. Ask – why is it a problem?
  • Identify the change you want to occur. Ask – what does that look like? What does it sound like?
  • Contemplate what obstacles may occur and your predetermined response to those obstacles. No one steps on landmines on purpose. However, if you know they exist plan for them.
  • Determine what you need to make happen.To drive to the store, I need a car. To make a steak dinner, I need a steak.
  • Think about timing. In Strong’s Concordance, strategic and timely are the same. If my plan is to sell a fax machine to send a message today I am out of date when there are so many more efficient ways.
  • Chart a course of action based on the outcome you want to occur – actionable steps.Think today, tomorrow and long term. Sometimes charting a course of action will make you go back one step because you find you have a new need to move forward.
  • Evaluate as you go.

PR:  What are pitfalls to look out for when making power moves?


  • Not Praying is the biggest pitfall you can make.When planning to change the course of events, power moves, you want to make sure you are on the same page as God. Ask for wisdom and then listen. Sometimes He gives you direct plans like Noah, other times he sends the wisdom in the form of others like Moses father-in-law telling him that he needed help to handle all those Israelites.
  • Moving without a plan is next pitfall.Now I am not saying have analysis paralysis where you are so busy planning that you don’t take any action, but moving without direction is a plan to fail.
  • Make sure you have the right resources in place.Whether that is people, technology, money, time, etc. I plan to make dinner. I can call up my best friend or google a recipe, I can have all the steps, heat up the oven, but if my cabinets and are empty, all my plans are wasted and I am only eating air sandwiches.
  • Not evaluating as you progress.Sometimes new information comes into play, resources increase, decrease, or change.
  • Not knowing what success looks like before you act.When making power moves you must be specific on what a successful outcome is.
  • Not setting deadlines!

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