Mentoring Moments, the 1 min blog: Sweet Life

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sweet life
Have you seen the cooking show all about desserts? Chefs are given the same ingredients and race to create dishes that are both sweet and beautiful. But here’s the kicker, somewhere in the process, a surprise ingredient is added. It could be anything from celery to jalapeno peppers. And the chefs must incorporate this surprise ingredient and still create something sweet and beautiful.

Sounds like life. Just when it looks like things are going to be sweet and beautiful, here comes a surprise ingredient, like a bankruptcy, an illness or a divorce. And we can’t help but wonder how is God going to work all this out and still give me the abundant life He’s promised in His word?

Take heart, beloved, because a surprise ingredient doesn’t have to ruin the entire dish. In fact, it adds unique flavor and texture that make the dessert even more interesting and enjoyable. Has life recently handed you a “surprise ingredient?” Trust that Jesus is your Master Chef. He will use it all and still give you the sweet life.

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