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When Jesus got out of the boat, he saw a large crowd and felt sorry for them. They were like sheep without a shepherd. So he spent a lot of time teaching them. Mark 6:34 (GW)

It’s all about priorities this month. One of the hardest areas to set priorities is with people, because there are only so many hours in a day and lots of people in our lives.
Let’s look at Jesus, the ultimate leader. He had definite priorities when it came to people, but not based on the current social norms. In fact, He often went against the norms of His day concerning gender, status even ethnicity. At the same time, He didn’t exclude those in power because He gave audience to Nicodemus, a ruler in the synagogue.

Jesus set priorities based on two things: who was open to His message and who was a part of his purpose. This week let’s examine our networks. Who is open to your message and ready to grow? Who is helping you get where you need to go? Who leaves energized and sharpened? You might want to make that person a priority.

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