Get Ready To Fly


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Product Description

Get Ready to Fly, preparing your soul to soar, personal development guru; Pam Ross delivers powerful strategies to prepare you for the success you’ve been working so hard to achieve. Using the Federal Aviation Administration’s preflight instructions, Pam shows you how to level up your life without losing your sanity.

This book challenges the reader to Check Your Baggage; because we all have baggage. Own your true identity and Take the Right Seat both spiritually and naturally. It tells the truth about the cost of commitment and warns you to Fasten Your Seatbelt. You’ll understand the power of putting your Tray Tables Up because nothing tastes as good as a breakthrough. The author teaches you when to Silence Your Communication Device by knowing when to speak and when to keep quiet. You will learn how to handle life’s turbulence and hold on to only what’s most important to you. And lastly, you’ll get the wisdom to adequately respond to the unlikely and unexpected loss of cabin pressure.

If you plan on being better and living higher in the future, this book is the wisdom you need to safely arrive at your next! Sober up, buckle up, and Get Ready to Fly!