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Three Keys to Leading High-Capacity People-Part 2

So what happens when a leader is placed at the helm of a team with high capacity leaders? Left unchecked, the natural sequence of events can take two roads; both are negative. Vacancy or mutiny; see last week’s post for the ugly details.

Here are three keys to keep high-level leaders at the table.

Give them plenty of freedom: High-capacity leaders need room to grow.  Micromanaging will redirect their creativity elsewhere.  Their energy will eventually find an outlet but your team won’t get the benefit.

Keep them focused:  High-capacity Leaders are naturally drawn to the big picture.  Keep their work focused on their area of responsibility.  The amazing effects they produce will set a new standard for the entire team.

Ask them questions:  Resist the temptation to give orders or overload high-capacity team members with tasks.  Instead cast a big vision and ask them “how, who, what or when.”  Remember these people not only take orders, they can give them.  Provide the blueprint and let them build.

Get more from the upcoming e-book, 10 Keys for Leading High Capacity People available in 2017.

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