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I recently started a grateful journal and there is only one rule; it can only be filled with thankfulness. I’ve learned, when you focus on what you have to be thankful for it refocuses you. I decided that whenever something presents itself as a challenge that I will automatically send a thank you to God.  For example when my flesh wants to get overwhelmed by yet another bill, I say “Thank you Lord that I have it to pay”.

We have so many forms of communication with the ability to reach out to someone instantly. There is always something to share on social media and we become first responders. We are so ready to run and tell that. We are not concerned with what is being spread however we post for the sake of doing it.

Give-Thanks - CopyLet’s switch this up and start a thankful campaign. Post how grateful you are about something or someone.  Or maybe get off of social media for a while and go thank someone who you have been taking for granted like your spouse, children, pastors, or mailman. Let’s be first responders of encouragement by sharing gratitude. Let’s reshape our focus, and run tell that!

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