Serving up Greatness

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“Just as the Son of Man came not to be waited on but to serve,” Matt 20:28

Today I served at a funeral with my mother and the FCC Benevolence Team. Among other things, mom is responsible for serving a full luncheon, or in this case brunch, to families and their guests after funeral services. Her team has served as many as 250 guests and as many of 4 funerals in one week.

Usually I suit up, greet guests and serve anyway I can, but circumstances required that I suit up a little differently. Off with the jacket and on with an apron, plastic gloves and hairnet. I thought to myself, “This is not me, I look goofy.” The Lord said “You don’t look goofy, you look like me.”

As they approached my table, I looked each guest in their eyes, some still wet with tears. It didn’t matter that I was the Executive Director of anything, only that I was a compassionate servant there to bring comfort in their time of deep sorrow. When all the tables were cleared and the dishes were washed, I felt tired, hungry and yes, I looked a little more like Jesus!

Success and Progress!

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