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Have you ever had a beneficial irritant in your life? Sounds strange but sometimes the things that bug us the most can drive us to do whatever it takes to create the change we need. If you’ve got a beneficial irritant, you’ve been blessed with a Peninah!

I Samuel tells the story of Hannah. She was married but had no children. Her husband took a second wife Peninah, who had a baby and another one and another one, well you get the point. To make matter worse, Peninah made it her mission to irritate Hannah constantly. what's bugging you

God used that irritating Peninah to prompt Hannah to do whatever it took to change her situation. She had several children, the first of which was the Prophet Samuel.

Misery can become comfortable. What’s worse than being unfruitful is being comfortably unfruitful. Remarkably, Peninah’s name means pearl, a precious gemstone produced by irritation. Now imagine that.

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