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I am a disciple-er, if there is such a word. One who helps others willingly and joyfully embrace the discipline needed to actively follow Christ. There are few things that thrill me more than seeing people grow and become their original thought.

You see, God told Jeremiah, “Before I formed you I knew you.” God had thoughts about Jeremiah before He formed him in the womb. I believe the same is true for every one of us, and that idea intrigues me beyond words. What did God know? What was He thinking? Where does one go to begin to discover such exciting things, let alone become them?

Start in the middle. On one hand is our renewed spirit, ready for the things of God. On the other side is our flesh alive and kicking! In the middle is where lightning strikes: our soul, housing our thoughts, feelings and desires. When we begin to renew our thoughts, check our feelings and align our desires we’ll find out more about ourselves and about God than we ever imagined.

Ready to become the new you? Start right there in the middle.

Success and Progress!


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