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A seemingly powerful executive once told me, “I trust no one!” 

She was wrong! Fearful, exhausted and wrong!  She believed if she held everyone suspect she would avoid betrayal and the hurt that goes with it. But her micromanaging rendered her powerless and demanded that others surrender their power as well. She paid a high price for a false security. 

It’s the final post on the love BOAT and the T is for trust. 

Leaders can’t function without trust. Christianity is a team sport,  and the foundation of every team is trust.  If people are going to grow they have to carry something.  There are multiple blessings for those who trust in God. 
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If you have a hard time trusting people, your issue is probably with God. Did He allow you to be hurt before and now you think ityour job to protect yourself? Listen, it’s your job to guard YOUR heart not police everyone else’s. 

If you’re going to love boldly, openly, and authentically start with learning to trust. 

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