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As we continue to develop ourselves as leaders and help others do the same, there’s one thing that cannot be avoided; difficult conversations.

Leadership development only works where people are connected. Certain topics test the strength and vitality of those connections.   So the natural thing to do is avoid them. However, when a team member is consistently missing the standard or insulting the values of your organization, it’s your responsibility to the team and also your service to that person to bring it to light. As you do that, keep the following things in mind. THISISHARDTOSAYBUT

Be honest! It’s O.K. to say “this is hard for me.” It clears the air and lets people know you care about their feelings.

Be prepared to listen. Without it you’re not really communicating. With it, you’ll maintain the connection.

Be solution-minded. You’re on the same team. Point out how their behavior is limited their success.

I’d like to know how you’ve handled difficult conversations. Share your story in the comments or send it to

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