Throw Teacher from the Train!

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John 19:11 (AMP)
Jesus answered, You would not have any power or authority whatsoever against (over) Me if it were not given you from above.

Do you have a problem with authority figures? Does your boss, parent or even church leadership sometime rub you the wrong way? Being submitted to authority can be challenging, especially when you’ve been “set free by the blood of the lamb!”

Remember there is no authority except what’s given and permitted by God. (Romans 13:1) Does this mean that all authority is righteous? Certainly not! But God will use those in authority to strengthen us, refine us and carry out His plan for our lives. 1 Peter 2:17 instructs us to treat even unjust and crooked leaders honorably.

So if we don’t “set them straight,” who will? God will. Just ask King Nebuchadnezzar, Herod the Great, and the great and mighty Pharaoh. All experienced God’s love for His people the hard way.

If your leader puts you to the test, keep honoring and keep learning. Besides, the ones who teach us the most are usually the ones we want to throw off the back of a train.

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