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unstoppable.JoshuaI have fascination with Joshua’s swift obedience. There is a consistent pattern of God speaking to Joshua, Joshua speaking to the leaders, the leaders speaking to the people. Things just got done. Finally, it dawned on me. My fascination isn’t with what’s in Joshua’s story. It’s about what’s missing from it.

For many of our Bible heroes, their stories begin with or at least entail some kind of struggle with identity. Gideon, Moses, even Esther had to be convinced that God had chosen the right person. But Joshua never had that argument. He never asked “God, give me a sign” “God, are you sure you want me?” “God, can anyone else do this?”

Joshua was born a slave, but he didn’t see himself as one for long. Somewhere along the way, he developed the identity of a leader. So when God began to speak to him as such, he heard. He obeyed. From taking Jericho to making the sun stand still, Joshua was unstoppable.

Are you ready to be unstoppable? The more you embrace your divine identity, the more you will answer and obey the voice of God.

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