Welcome to 2019!

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Welcome to 2019!  

I just answered THE question for a leadership director and thought you may benefit from this conversation as well.

What topics should be on my training agenda for this year?

Your 2019 training focus depends on what is happening in your church/business and what your pastor/business leader wants to happen in the near future. Let’s take a walk through some questions to help you develop your training.

  • What will be required of your leaders in 2019?
  • Will they be taking on more or delegating more?
  • How much will they need to communicate and how? 
  • What skills will they need to master? 
  • How will they need to think?
  • Is your church expanding? Teach them to manage growth.
  • Is your church changing? Teach them to embrace change.

And my all time favorite!

  • Are your values clear? Can they be seen in your culture? If not, teach those values until you see them!

I hope that helps you kick-start your training and development year. Call me if you need me.  


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