Why I’ve Scheduled FOUR Vacations This Year

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‘What the HECK have I been doing with my life!?!’ 

This was my thought as I stepped on the beach and all of my senses took in the Atlantic Ocean.  My eyes gazed at the never-ending horizon. My ears listened to the ocean’s unmistakably divine roar. As my skin felt the bear hug of the warm summer sun, I licked my lips and tasted that delectable salty air.  Thus, began my first real vacation in over two decades.


If you’re a mom, you know what I mean by real vacation.  Previously, I’d used vacation days for ministry trips. And yes, I’d taken a few “daycations” and short trips with The PamFam.  But this was the first vacation for me.  The purpose was to rest, enjoy myself and connect with the three friends that came with me.  


I spent most of the first day apologizing to myself for not making vacations a priority.  How could I have lived so long and worked so hard for so many years and not understood the value of rest?  After a full day of repentance, I settled into one of the best weeks of my life.


I learned a lot on that vacation.  I learned one idea from God can change everything. I learned the value of quietness and rest to completely reset perspective. So before I put anything on my 2019 calendar, I scheduled FOUR vacations.  


I’ve dedicated my life to helping people lead better and follow better. None of that is possible without resting better.


Success and Progress!



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