Be Uniquely YOU!

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Be Uniquely You.

What a joy coming to the table with @IvetteAcosta for this week’s periscope! Ivette, we call her “Coach Eve,” is one of KLD’s personal development coaches.  She has a lot of unique qualities and she’s learned to embrace them and make them work for her advantage.  Check out her coaching tips on being uniquely YOU!

Watch the scope here

pR: Why is being your UNIQUE SELF a little scary?

IA:  Being your unique self can be scary because we are afraid of not being accepted, not belonging, not being understood and we fear of the opinion of others. We all desire to belong and to be loved! In being Uniquely Me I have to EMBRACE that some people won’t like me, and that’s O.K.

pR: Why is being your unique self so important?

IA: As believers, when we aren’t being authentically us, we are actually in disobedience. Ouch!  You are robbing the world of the AWE AND DISTINCTION that God created when He thought about you.

Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;..

That actually translates to: I am distinguished by things in MY creation which inspire awe and wonder.  We are each a masterpiece, an original and Unique!

We live in a day and age when we know more about other’s lives than our own. I AM GUILTY! The Bible says we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Most of us can’t love others because we don’t love ourselves!

Being your unique self is an adventure and journey that is necessary to live a prosperous life!-Coach Eve

pR: What steps can we take to be courageously and uniquely ourselves?


  • Repent for not embracing your uniqueness and ask God to take you on a journey of discovering the thoughts He had when He created you.
  • Take inventory of your gifts, talents, love language, personality styles, strengths and weaknesses and start to journal that information.
  • Spend time with the Holy Spirit in prayer, worship and devotion. Holy Spirit is Jesus unlimited. Jesus knew who He was when he was on earth. Cultivate a relationship with the living God.
  • Take classes, read books or get involved in a small group that can help you to develop the gifts that God has given you.
  • Adorn your living space with scriptures or quotes to remind you of who you really are!
  • Celebrate the uniqueness in you then do it for others!

pR: Can you recommend some reading for us?

IA: 52 WEEKS WITH JESUS, Author: James Merritt and BECOME A BETTER YOU Author: Joel Osteen

Bonus Question:

pR:  Do you have any warnings for us along this courageous journey?

IA:  Yes. The masterpiece painting does not tell the painter what to paint. The same goes for us! Obedience is what allows the creator’s thoughts and plans to flow in us like the brush strokes on a canvas. We are God’s MASTERPIECE created to return awe and wonder to Him, to illuminate His Glory on the Earth. When you are uniquely you, the world has an encounter with His Glory, His splendor and His love!

Success and Progress!


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